Thursday, 14 April 2011

A light wader passage

Though it feels cold the temperature still went up to17C today and checking back the average is 11.2 so it's probably only because of last weekend's scorcher that it feels like it does.  I still think I will leave the moth trapping until Friday night as it is forecast 5 or 6C tonight even though, again the average is lower at 3.2C.
Little time to do anything today but a quick look first thing and again a tea time. It never fails to surprise me how much you can see in a very short time. Nothing special or really exciting, but one of the advantages of checking a small area very regularly is that even the minor changes and sightings are a bonus.
Today's bonus's were a small flock of 20 Golden Plover that flew over heading east this morning and 6 + 2 Curlew that did the same this evening. Not a fantastic wader passage, grant you, but pleasing all the same. Actually, the Curlew are more than likely not passage birds but feeding birds returning to roost at Washington, having not yet headed to their breeding grounds.
From the garden Blackcap, and Chiffchaff were singing nearby and the hen Blackbird nesting in the garden and the Dunnock opposite are both sitting on eggs. A pair of Robins are also nesting in the garden I suspect but I haven't discovered exactly where yet. The Wrens are still carrying nesting material around though no longer going into the nestbox. Maybe it's been rejected. Still it served it good purpose as a roost site during the winter.
A couple of Tawny Miner Bees were still out flying this evening but no accompanying Oil Beetles .. still looking.
 Another bonus was my earliest ever flowering Hawthorn, in the hedge by South Burn, beating my previous best of 17th April in 2009. Not that long ago it was very late April or the first days of May I used to see the first.
Last night the Tawny Owls were calling including a rather screeching sound by 2 birds which I believe to have been 2 chicks that had left the nest and calling for food. A few years ago I had a party of parent and young Tawny Owls in the garden and the calls last night if I remember correctly was very similar to those begging birds.

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