Saturday, 6 August 2011

and then the rains came ......

The moth trap was out overnight and surprisingly it did not rain.  116 moths of 29 species were caught, 6 being new for the year

I catch this insect quite frequently in the trap but have never been able to identify it
The six new ones were  -

True-lover's Knot
Small Fan-footed Wave
Small Dotted Buff
Rosy Rustic
Flounced Rustic
and Dun-bar.

True Lover's-Knot 
Flounced Rustic
Rosy Rustic

Not surprisingly most of the moths in the trap were three species of Yellow Underwing, Large, Lesser and Lesser Broad-bordered, Dark Arches and Common Rustic agg. More surprisingly were 13 Shuttle-shaped Dart, a large count for me. Single Marmalade Fly, Common Green Lacewing and several species of Caddisfly including the striped chocolate brown species shown at the top that I catch on a regular basis but have still been be unable to identify.

Then the rain came, and the thunder and the lightning and I saw nothing else the rest of the day.
So I added a few pictures of some Blue butterflies I saw in Switzerland  A Waldridge Naturalist in Switzerland.

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