Friday, 5 August 2011

A single Hummer in a week of gloom

After a week at work and the weather (and work) gloomy when it was either raining or foggy so it was great to see a bit of sun at last today
The butterflies seemed especially pleased as this afternoon there were good numbers of Meadow Brown and Speckled Wood around as well as Large, Small and Green-veined White plus a couple of Red Admiral. During the week the only things apart from 1-2 of those mentioned were single Peacock and Painted Lady.  A couple of moths were flushed in the mornings as I watered the plants, but nothing exciting, Large and Lesser Yellow Underwing and  a single Scalloped Oak except on Tuesday evening when a Hummingbird Hawk-moth was feeding on the Honeysuckle in the garden. I dashed back indoors for the camera, but it was gone when I returned.

No Hummingbird Hawkmoth photo so  this Scalloped Oak on the window will have to do

I had seen the odd Marmalade Fly Episyrphus balteatus during the week, especially on the lilies but there were at least 50 there in the sun this afternoon.  On the bird front, one word sums it up - quiet. The best bird I have seen this week were probably a Sparrowhawk. I have however noticed how many Lesser Black-backed Gulls are around now, and may even be getting commoner that Herring Gull. In the Front Street on Wednesday, for the first time I can remember, it was this species feeding on the previous night's Donner Kebabs, Fish & Chips and other human regurgitation., not Herring Gulls.

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