Saturday, 13 August 2011

What a wet week that was

My little weather station reported on the 10th that it was the wettest month of the year with 21 more days to go! Yesterday was the first anniversary of me starting this blog and the  first thing I said then was 'So,  spent the morning (after it stopped raining....' so not much change there. So I haven't seen much all week

A few Common Swifts were seen moving through in the rain, heading south. Mine have gone, so these were presumably from further north. A young Chiffchaff was on the fence briefly before jumping back in the bush but continued to call frequently and I managed one butterfly. One brave Speckled Wood flitted around the shelter of some Ivy in the big hedgerow on Tuesday. Hoverflies found shelter in teh greenhouse with more than a dozen Marmalade Flies buzzing around in there during the week.

In the town centre, like last year the Greater Burnet-Saxifrage is in flower now, but with all the rain is looking a bit battered. I noticed last night its spreading westwards presumably its seed is being blown down Station Road, and now has a small colony in Wesley Terrace.

I didn't risk putting the trap out last night due to the weather as I haven't got a spare bulb at the moment should it go pop. It should be a bit better tonight so I'll leave it until then. So my moths this week consisted of 2 Shuttle-shaped Darts and a Brown House Moth that had found a way into the house, a Common Rustic hiding in one of teh plant pots and a couple of Large Yellow Underwings banging of the patio doors despite the rain.


  1. Firstly, congrats on your first blogaversary (is there such a word), Keith.
    And yes, it`s been a shocking (to put it nicely) month, so far.

  2. Thanks Dean - I just wish it would stop raining so I can get out properly