Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Rivulets in the rain

Great, it's raining again. Yesterday had a bit of sun so I thought I would be ok to put the moth trap out overnight. But of course it rained. Still managed 121 moths of 30 species including 5 new for the year including 2 new Rivulets to add to the Small and Grass Rivulets seen already this year. So it was worth standing in the rain getting soaked checking them early this morning, but only just.

The five  were -
Square-spot Rustic
The Rivulet
Barred Rivulet
Nut Bud Moth
and Light Brown Apple Moth

Nut Bud Moth
Again, the majority were Large, Lesser and Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwings, but also  more Cherry Fruit Moth, Trachycera advenella and Mouse Moth, all that were new for the year just a couple of days ago.

The Rivulet was on the outside of the trap and  got away before I had time to pot it up, though I had enough time to confirm it only had the single indentation confirming it was this species. It looked bigger right from the start too.

The Barred Rivulet took some working out and really I have identified it by elimination of everything else though I'm perhaps not 100% certain, so if anyone tells me I'm wrong I'll not be too surprised.

Barred Rivulet
The Light Brown Apple moth was a surprise, but only in that it's so late to see my first. I was one of the first in the north-east to catch this species which comes from Australia and only reached the UK 80 years ago. Its been spreading quickly north and up to a couple of years ago I was frequently catching double figures in a night. Last year the numbers dropped by half and I hadn't caught any this year. I assume they have not been able to cope with the last two winters.

Another two Crossbills flew over the house in the rain this morning but very little else to report except for a Common Buzzard  in the valley below Great Lumley soaring around in yesterday's sunshine.

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