Tuesday, 2 April 2013

A summer visitor (at last)

It's been hard work, flogging my 1km square for new species and though I've been checking every day  over Easter, it's only today that I can say it's been worth it. My first summer visitor of the year, a Chiffchaff, singing by Brass Castle pond and soon followed by a small flock of Lesser Redpoll . The Redpolls were also new for the year as they have been very difficult generally in the area this winter. Unlike their cousins, Siskin, that seen to be everywhere and today at least 2 were singing and song-flighting in the woods. Also everywhere are Woodcock, for every time I've been in the woods recently, crashing around after mosses and the like I have flushed one, or two or three.  Another sign that spring is sort of starting is that the Grey Wagtails have returned to their nesting spots on the burn.


My first Common Frog spawn for the year was late, having just seen it on the pool by the fell car-park on Saturday. But besides that, it's been mainly a few more mosses and lichens and the vegetive states of some of the more common flowers.

Moths continue to be absent due to the cold, it's never been above 2C  overnight since I last had the trap out and tonight fares no better with it forecast -2C. I should have seen up to 16 or so species so far this year but have only seen 6.

So my list is 224 so far this year.

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