Saturday, 13 April 2013

Spring at last?

Possibly spring at last,  though slowly. I didn't think it was this morning when I checked last night's moth trap and found it was completely empty.  As I had to go to Hexham today, I was somewhat cursing as the weather decided to warm up. My first hoverfly of the year was in the garden and thought it was the common Drone Fly (E. tenax) it did feel that spring had started.

On the way back from Northumberland it started to rain (and forecast tonight) but I was thinking it may bring a few hirundines down and sure enough I saw a Sand Martin flying over the A69. Better still on the A697, by the sewage works at the Riverside Park a Swallow was flying around. 

So possibly spring, I'll put the trap out again, despite the rain, maybe winter has turned the corner.

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