Thursday, 2 September 2010

Fell Finch Fluctuations

A Wall butterfly was seen roosting in a corner of the outside window first thing and the Grey Squirrel was again by the farmhouse carrying something quite large in it's mouth. I'm not sure what it was but it may have been a chick. Anyway there were 2 Magpies going mad at it, chattering away and mobbing it.  All 3 disappeared over the paddock fence.

Stopping at the stubble field and all the birds were on the telegraph wires where there were well over 200 birds perched up. However the Greenfinch count had gone back down to 64 birds. The majority were Linnet, presumably from a bit further a field and there were now 136 of them, together with 13 Common Starling. 


  1. Fell fire today , Friday ?
    2 Fire Engines in the Daisy Hill layby mid morning.

  2. Great :-(
    Didn't check the finches this morning so didn't notice anything amiss. Hope it wasn't the kids that got caught doing the same last year, they got off with a severe telling off saying how naughty they were.