Saturday, 11 September 2010

Moths on the move

A lot of rain last night but it was quite mild and it was a Friday garden moth night , so the trap was out. The total moth count  and the species count were up from the other night, mainly because there were several micro-moths this time.  So 64 moths of 27 species was quite respectable. The catch also consisted of 2 species of Green Lacewing, a Forest Shieldbug (Pentatoma rufipes)  and another Carrion Beetle. However the 13 Silver Y and a single Rush Veneer were migrants, so moths are on the move. These may well have arrived at the coast on Tuesday or Wednesday in the SE winds and have gradually moved inland subsequently to Waldridge.

Rush Veneer - a migrant moth

A Nuthatch was calling and a Blackcap was singing amongst 6+ autumn singing Robins at first light.

Later, a single Small White butterfly appeared on the buddleja in between the showers and a female Sparrow-hawk perched on the roof of a nearby house. I realised that from this latter viewpoint it would have a good view of the fields with their take-away menu of mixed finches.

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