Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Finch behaviour - I don't know what I'm talking about

A juvenile Chiffchaff was in the garden at first light this morning and a Grey Heron, heading west flew over the house. Looks promising for the odd bird but a slight hitch, I've got to go to work.
Didn't bother with the trap last night due to the weather but I was brought a moth that was found on a  neighbour's door this morning. He insisted it wasn't the usual yellow underwing which was confirmed as soon as I saw it as it was a Grey Chi. This species is a northern moth that prefers moorland and rough hills. It has a habit of resting on walls and occurs in August/September so wasn't too surprising but it was the first I've seen this year.

Grey Chi

The problem with keeping a Blog is that as soon as you make a statement such as the field has been ploughed up and the finch flock has gone, is that you are proved that you don't know what you're talking about! The field has been ploughed undoubtedly and there's only a thin strip of weedy arable land right by the hedge which is not 'set-a-side' but just that the plough couldn't reach. So it makes sense that the birds must have gone. Then today, as I walk past, 136 Linnet, 34 Greenfinch and 27 Common Starling were flushed from it. So they haven't  left after all.


  1. at last! not a yellow underwing!

  2. What with Square-spot Rustic last night, I'll get you hooked yet. Let me know when you want to go moth trap shopping.