Tuesday, 7 September 2010

No stubble but not even a close shave

A really horrid day with a strong SE wind this morning and heavy showers, no chance of any early morning birding and with the wind last night if I had put my trap out it wouldn't have been there this morning.  The wind had lessened considerably and the rain stopped by the time I got back home from work.

I only had time for a very quick look about late afternoon. A walk to the stubble field and found it was gone, its all been ploughed now. Strange how the finch flock disappeared days before - how on earth did they know? An immature female Sparrowhawk didn't know as it twice flashed past but there were no small birds about for it to flush. By the side of Waldridge Lane I saw a Stonechat, this time a juvenile male, unlike the adult I have seen a few times about 400 meters away recently. So nothing even close to a migrant. With everything being very damp including myself from soggy vegetation, I headed back. This weather had produced quite a few migrants at the coast but I would have been very lucky if it had sent anything this far inland so early.. tomorrow maybe.

A couple of Field Grasshoppers were waiting on the front door path when I came back, presumably the lawn is too soggy for them too.

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