Tuesday, 7 June 2011

A 1st, a 2nd, a 3rd but feeling a bit guilty

When I started this Blog last August I said it was to record the natural history of Waldridge, which I have tried to do. I include down the riverside and other bits of Chester-le-Street as long as I have walked down, thus qualifying for my 'on foot from house' lists, but rarely mention the occasional wandering further afield.
Now the past few days, I have had a couple of excellent bits of natural history recording, firstly the Bio-Blitz on Saturday in the Derwent valley and then  down to Hartlepool to see (yes twitch) a very rare bird, a White-throated Robin. This bird made all the papers and television news and hundreds of birders managed to see it yesterday and today including yours truly. No chance of a photograph while I was there but below is a picture of it from my mate Paul Davidson who was far quicker off the mark.

The White-throated Robin [Photo: Paul Davidson]

A 2nd for the county on Saturday with the Saxon moth, then a 1st for the county and only 3rd for Britain with  the White-throated Robin, so why do I feel a bit guilty? Because I have neglected Waldridge,  that's why, funny what writing a blog does to you.

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