Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Summer solstice arches

As last night was the longest day, despite the heavy rain showers, I put the moth trap out and was rewarded with 84 moths of 31 species, eight of them being new for the year.
These were a Poplar Hawkmoth,

Poplar Hawkmoth - My first of the year here but he's not too happy
a Burnished Brass,

Burnished Brass

 a Wormwood Pug, a Light Arches and four species of micro moth - Scoparia ambigualis, Dipleurina lacustrata,  Eucosma cana and a Barred Fruit-tree Tortrix.  Amongst the rest there were three Green Arches and 9 Dark Arches, the numbers of the latter, together with Large Yellow Underwings  are starting to rise. Heart & Darts (29 last night) should start to drop now.

The Three Arches - (front left to right - Dark Arches, Green Arches and Light Arches)
A Great spotted Woodpecker again flew over the garden as checked the the trap this morning and Wood Burdock is now in flower under the big hedge.

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