Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Early morning guilt trip

To cure that little guilty feeling I was up early this morning a did a little walk before work. It had been forecast down to 6C which was putting me off putting the moth trap out and I nearly changed my mind but a thunderstorm confirmed I should not bother tonight. In fact the temperature dropped to 5.4 and with the clear night I think it was the best decision.

The little walk produced a couple of Lesser Whitethroat singing, the bird again behind the village and a second on the fell.  Otherwise, most of the resident & summer visitors had stopped, but I did hear a Cuckoo again. The best thing seen this morning was a Roe Deer but a Small Tortoiseshell was flying around surprisingly early this morning.

Early morning Roe Deer

I added another seven species of flora in flower
Great Willowherb
Greater Plantain
Sticky Groundsel

plus two garden escapes, but established in the wild on the fell Laburnum and Viola x wittrockiana (Garden Pansy). 

In the town centre tonight a rather prostrate grass growing on waste ground behind Argos, I brought it home where I identified it as Vulpia bromoides (Squirrel Tail Fescue). 

Squirrel-tail Fescue

OFFH List this year

Flowering plants - 258

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