Monday, 27 June 2011

Another beauty

I knew I would have not time this morning to check the trap and with it being so warm I did not want to leave any moths caught inside so I didn't put the trap out. Instead I had another go with the net and torch, and again I managed another one new for the year, despite my technique not being any better.
A nice Marbled Beauty managed to find it's way into the net

Marbled Beauty
 as did a Mottled Beauty and a Bordered White.

Bordered White

Today I checked the riverside after work, well actually the little bridge over the Cong Burn by the miniature railway compound and found what I was looking for, in the form of 3 Banded Demoiselle dragonflies (damselflies). This is a very good spot for them, though others occur at several spots along the Wear here too. The best sighting I had of this species was in June 2006 when in the main Front street one morning I found one fluttering against the window of the Red Lion public house.

When I got home I added another new species for the year in the form of a Red Admiral in the garden.

OFFH List this year

Flowering plants - 275
Birds - 104
Moths - 149
Butterflies - 18
Dragonflies - 5
Hoverflies - 9
Mammals - 10

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