Friday, 3 June 2011

Chip-chip-chip - Crossbill

Busy at work all day today, despite it being the warmest day of the year (24.9C at 12:55hrs).
As I left this morning I heard a 'chip-chip-chip' call and looked up to see 6 Crossbill fly over, an excellent start  and the first since October last year. Before I had left the street I had something else fly over, in the way of a pair of Mute Swan. Shortly later, walking across the road at Warkworth Drive, my first live Hedgehog of the year.

In the town centre I added another 3 flowering plants - Ground-elder, Bugloss and Meadow Vetchling, having earlier had Yarrow and Common Duckweed in the garden. So the lists march on.

OFFH List this year

Flowering plants - 250
Birds - 105
Butterflies - 13
Moths - 93 
Mammals - 10 

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