Monday, 16 August 2010

An autumn feel

After the big hatching of Green-veined Whites last week it appears it's now the turn of Small White with at least 12 in the garden late afternoon, in fact there were 2 on the buddleja at 06:50hrs despite the rather cool overcast conditions. Also 2 each of Large White and Peacock later on.

Birds - Like the moths of the past week, there is now an early autumn feel with about 10 Meadow Pipits flying south over the house today. There have been several adult Lesser Black-backed Gulls around all summer and 1-2 juveniles in the last couple of days. One was food begging off it's presumed parents on the road outside early morning. I know they breed on the factory rooftops a few miles away in Birtley,  so I wonder if it's one of those birds or are they now breeding closer? The Dunnocks in my garden I do know where they nest and perhaps unusual for this species  I believe mine are monogamous. What I take to be the male has become very  bold and frequently torments the cat. His mate, yes I thinks it is the same bird,  has started to line its third nest of the season having raised 4, then 2 young already this year.

Dennis the Dunnock in the garden.

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