Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Isn't it typical

The nicest day for a week, a Greenish Warbler at Whitley Bay and a Bonaparte's Gull at Whitburn but I have to go to work for an all day meeting! 
A quick check before work showed an increase to 76 Greenfinch in the stubble field and 2 species within 30 metres of the house, neither which have actually been in the garden yet but both must soon get on my garden list - they were a Grey Squirrel on the farmhouse wall again and a Speckled Wood on the path nearby both early morning.
Last night I decided to leave putting the trap out until tonight but I still saw one moth this morning - a Setaceous Hebrew Character which was on the front windowsill.

Setaceous Hebrew Character on my windowsill

Why the name Setaceous Hebrew Character you may ask? - well maybe not but I'll ask on your behalf. Apparently setaceous means bristly and refers to the bristly ridge behind the head. The hebrew character refers to the black mark on the wing which resembles the Hebrew 12th character of the alphabet, 'Lamed'  - so there you go. The Victorians knew how to give species proper names.


  1. I have been following and enjoying your blog for a while. I am looking forward to popping down to your patch to have a look round soon. Have got some good ideas where to look, thanks for that.
    I was checking out your explanation of the Setaceous Hebrew Character and went to look at the hebrew character Lamed but it didn't look right. On further investigation i found that the character is Nun, i thought you would like to know.
    Keep the postings coming! Very enjoyable read.

  2. Cheers John, glad you like the Blog - its for my own amusement more than anything and for pointing out the hebrew character thing .. I think - Look at http://www.safrus.com/alephbet.html and be really confused - Unless you are Jewish of course then big apologies all round ;-/