Saturday, 14 August 2010

Day after the rain

Put the moth trap out last night despite it still raining (yesterday was horrid with rain all day and force 6 NW'erlies) as Friday Night is Garden Moth Night. Put the cover over to protect the bulb but I feel it always reduces the catch. 87 moths of 27 species but this may have been as much to do with the weather as the bulb cover. A Rosy Minor was my first of the year.

Rosy Minor - the first of the year

A Grey Squirrel on the wall of the farmhouse which is less than 100 metres away so I suspect it won't be long before they find the bird feeders in the garden. A Wood Mouse has already found our garden as it ran across the patio and under a rose bush at lunchtime. Then the little tinker decided that there was no danger from the the pathetic cat indoors and wandered onto the lawn and started to smarten himself up.

Wood Mouse on the lawn

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