Sunday, 29 August 2010

More wind, lots of it

A Strong wind, from the north together with heavy rain showers did nothing do tempt me outdoors but after a couple of hours of feeling guilty I bravely left the house. Wasn't out  long of course before one of the heaviest showers of the day sent me scurrying back. I got as far as the entrance to the woods via the hedgerow at the top field but most things had better sense and remained hidden.  A young Rabbit running out from under the hedge got my attention more because instead of running away from me actually made a bee-line for me. The reason became obvious as a Weasel, a male by the size of it,  came charging after it. A quick right turn, back into the hedge by both of them, neither to be seen again and that was it. A Wood Pigeon was seen flying a little further on, carrying twigs up into one of the oak trees. This species often has  three broods a year so it's not too late to start nesting, in fact I've seen young in the nest in mid-winter. A couple of butterflies, single Green-veined White and Speckled Wood, trying to soak that up the little bit of sunshine were the only other things I managed to see before I gave up for the day.

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