Saturday, 21 August 2010

They like their lilies

Had the moth trap out overnight and caught 148 moths of 35 species including 3 new for the year. These were Dusky Thorn, Lempke's Gold Spot and Brown-spot Pinion, the latter was my earliest ever, usually first appearing the last few days of the month or the first week in September. There were four nice 'pair' amongst the catch with Swallow Prominent & Lesser Swallow Prominent, Gold Spot & Lempke's Gold Spot and the micros moths Blastobasis adustella & lacticolella and Agriphila straminella & tristella.

Dusky Thorn

Brown-spot Pinion

The Oriental Lilies Lillium orientalis in the garden are now attracting dozens of hoverflies with six species noted on them this morning, the currently ubiquitous Episyrphus balteatus, Syrphus ribesii, Eupeodes luniger, Melangyna umbellatarum, the furry bee mimic Eristalis intricaryus and a small as yet unidentified species which I have managed to catch. I've popped the latter in the fridge for the time being and when I get a change will examine it properly under the microscope.

Last night, a little after midnight I was checking the trap and the lilies were then playing host to a good number of  moths, more than even the buddlejas so I think I'll be planting more next year.  I could hear three, perhaps four, Tawny Owls hooting,  a Red Fox and 2 Oyster-catchers flew over.

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