Sunday, 15 August 2010

Owls, mice & men

The local Tawny Owls in the wood nearby were very vociferous last night, the pair duetting loudly for some time. It was so loud at times that I was asked by my dear wife 'if I could not tell my friends to keep quiet as there are people trying to sleep?'  I  went into the garden to see how close they were and to make sure the rain guard on the moth trap was ok when 3 rather happy men coming back from the pub walked by. On hearing the owls they started to try and copy them and I left 2 Tawnies and 3 drunks trying to out twit-twooo each other. 'You did that on purpose ' I was told on my return.

Emptied the moth-trap in the early hours hoping to beat the wasps which are rather common and aggressive at the moment. 183 moths of 37 moths including 6 of one of my favorite moths, the Mouse Moth. Quite common and definitely rather dull looking it is rather mouse like in that it has the habit of scuttling away on foot when disturbed rather than flying. I think they have a certain character about them.

Mouse Moth

 Five species of yellow underwing (Large, Lesser, Least, Broad-bordered and Lesser Broad-bordered), 2 migrant Silver Y and a few micro moths amongst the haul including Agapeta hamana  which is just beginning to get called by an English name the Hook-marked Straw Moth. It feeds on thistles.

Hook-marked Straw Moth Agapeta hamana

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