Sunday, 13 March 2011

A better night's trapping

Not a bad night for moth trapping, especially as 24 hours ago the  forecast was gales and snow!  With a minimum temperature showing 5.6C and the willows not yet in flower,  I expected a reasonable catch when I checked late morning. However 25 moths of 8 species is very good I reckon considering the time of year. The breakdown of the catch was -
March Moth (1), Pale Brindled Beauty (1), Oak Beauty (2), Common Quaker (7), Clouded Drab (1), Twin-spotted Quaker (1), Hebrew Character (11) and Early Grey (1). The Clouded Drab and Twin-spotted Quaker were my first of the year, the latter my earliest ever by 6 days.
The Clouded Drab (above) &
Twin-spotted Quaker (below) caught overnight

The garden was lively with birds too this morning with Coal Tits in particular coming and going constantly. Though never more than two birds were seen at the same time, the amount of activity going on makes me believe there were a lot more than two birds involved.

One of a number of Coal Tits in the garden today.

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