Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Woodcock dead & alive

A bright but cold start to the day and much bird song that included a drumming Great spotted Woodpecker and the distant yaffle of a Green Woodpecker from the vicinity of Waldridge village. It really did feel like spring and the first 'pussy willow' catkins of the Goat Willow are now out. It dropped to 0.2C last night, so I rightly decided it was not worth putting the moth trap out
At work in Sunderland, I found a recently killed Woodcock, presumably a returning continental bird that just failed to set off back over the North Sea by flying into a window by the Marina. Very sad but tonight at dusk, just a few hundred metres from home I just happened to look up in time to see one of our resident Woodcocks fly over, heading towards the Hermitage woods. Seconds later a flock of Redpolls flew over in the same direction. I'm somewhat pleased they did not land in the Alders nearby as I didn't have my binoculars with me and it would have been very frustrating that I would not have been able to check them out properly.

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