Saturday, 19 March 2011

Twas a Bright, Moonlit Night last Night

A bright moonlit night last night, with a minimum temperature of 1.1C
I don't know if it was because of the bright moon but the Tawny Owls were at their most vocal, with I think, 5 different birds calling.

Bright cold nights are not good for moth trapping and the numbers were down on the other day but higher than I had anticipated There were 13 moths of 5 species present this morning consisting of

1 March Moth
5 Oak Beauty
5 Common Quaker
1 Hebrew Character  
1 Early Grey  

March Moth

Nothing new for the year but 5 Oak Beauties is a nice sight.

A box of Oak Beauties

Great Spotted Woodpecker still drumming yet again at first light, and a roding Woodcock flew over. The latter are great birds and I do regard myself lucky to have breeding birds on my doorstep. Roding Woodcock usually perform the first hour or so after sunset, just as the Tawny Owls are 'warming up' on their singing and again as dawn breaks. They tend not to display during the night. Waldridge is an excellent place for them, you could sit outside the Waldridge Tavern, having a pint and watch them display. They are a superb bird, I think described as they squeak like a mouse, grunt like a pig, hide in leaf-litter and fly at night - Woodcock are weird.

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