Wednesday, 12 April 2017

A new Waldridge bird then avoided the fun

Monday saw me setting off for a wander the fell on a rather cold and very windy day and I wasn't really expecting anything. Even after only five minutes or so I was thinking of how long I should give it. Then, drum roll please, I heard a three-note whistle, 'twee-see-see' and turned around and got my bins on a Common Sandpiper flying over heading north-west. Presumably it was heading to Tribley Ponds, which unfortunatelylie in the adjacent square.  This was my first ever for Waldridge and not expected to be my next summer migrant. Apart from that I saw nothing of note but checked a few lichens and picked up my first Nipplewort of the year.

It's been poor for moths now the weather has changed with nothing new and even a zero catch on Monday night.I did have a Nicrophorus humator (Common Sexton Beetle) in the trap on Tuesday night however.

There's been a bit of sun during the day on Tuesday and today with temperatures hovering around 11C and I picked up three hoverfly species in sheltered spots here and there which all helps.

A breakdown of the latest additions in no particular order

358. Nicrophorus humator (Common Sexton Beetle)
359. Daedaleopsis confragosa (Blusing Bracket)
360. Phytomyza ilicis (Holly leaf miner) larvae
361. Lecidea grisella (a lichen)
362. Lecidella elaeochroma (a lichen)
363. Cladonia portentosa (Reindeer-moss)
364. Evernia prunastri (a lichen)
365. Cheilosia pagana (a hoverfly)
366. Melanostoma scalare   (a hoverfly)
367. Syrphus ribesii (a hoverfly)
368. Lapsana communis (Nipplewort)
369. Actitis hypoleucos (Common Sandpiper)

Popped outside the monad to the riverside park at Chester-le-Street this afternnon after doing a few messages, not realising there was a Fun Fair on. I'm not into this fun malarkey so rattled off a few pictures (of course not of the fair) and made a hasty retreat.




Grey Heron

Orange-tip male

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