Monday, 3 April 2017

Signs of spring

There were some good signs of spring today with more plants coming into flower, the first Swallow and two more butterflies.

Spent a good few hours on the fell picking up a few more species.
Lots of bird song and I counted  24 Chiffchaff and 2 Blackcap, the latter was new for the year here as was the Swallow  and 52 Fieldfare were seen heading east. However, unlike many sites there were no Willow Warblers present yet and no sign of any Stonechat or Green Woodpecker for that matter.

307. Turdus pilaris (Fieldfare)
308. Hirundo rustica (Barn Swallow)
309. Sylvia atricapilla (Eurasian Blackcap)

Three species of butterfly (2 new) despite the wind but they were relucant to do much flying and just sat down in the grass.

310. Polygonia c-album (Comma)
311. Aglais io (Peacock)



But the moth trap had nothing new, 23 moths of 5 species, though nearly half of those were Early Greys who are having a very good season.

A couple more very common invertebrates were seen (I've got a few more in the fridge to sort out later)

312. Meligethes aeneus (Pollen Beetle)
313. Oniscus asellus (Common Shiny Woodlouse)

And some more plants

314. Alopecurus pratensis (Meadow Foxtail)
315. Caltha palustris (Marsh-marigold)
316. Dactylis glomerata  (Cock's-foot grass)
317. Daucus carota   (Wild Carrot)
318. Dryopteris borreri (Scaly Male-fern)
319. Filipendula ulmaria (Meadow-sweet)
320. Juncus articulatus (Jointed Rush)
321. Rumex acetosa (Common Sorrel)
322. Ranunculus acris (Meadow Buttercup)
323. Luzula campestris (Field Woodrush)
324. Vicia sepium  (Bush Vetch) 

Luzula campestris (Field Woodrush) aka Good Friday Grass

and a couple of fungi

325. Exidia glandulosa (Black Witches Butter)
326. Hypholoma fasciculare (Sulphur tuft)

Exidia glandulosa (Black Witches Butter)

Hypholoma fasciculare (Sulphur tuft)

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