Sunday, 9 April 2017

Sun and butterflies go together

Only a few species picked up the last couple of days but today (yesterday 8th as I write this) the sun was shining and it was hot. This brought the insects out and no less than 5 new butterflies for the year were around, togther with 2 of the three I've already had..

Nothing new and in fact very little in the moth trap this week as though the day temperatures have rising it has meant no cloud cover at night and the temperatures plummeted. Last night it dropped to -0.8C.

I've not had much time to write stuff up so here is just a list of the new species to date.

333. Phylloscopus trochilus (Willow Warbler)
334. Cardamine amara (Large Bittercress) 
335. Cardamine pratensis (Cuckoo-flower)
336. Anthocharis cardamines (Orange-tip)
337. Pieris rapae (Small White)
338. Pieris napi (Green-veined White)
339. Pieris brassicae (Large White)
340. Pararge aegeria (Speckled Wood)
341. Bombus hortorum (Small Garden Bumble Bee)
342. Andrena fulva (Tawny Mining bee)
343. Deschampsia flexuosa (Wavy Hair-grass)
344. Asplenium trichomanes (Maidenhair Spleenwort)
345. Sinapis arvensis (Charlock)
346. Galium saxatile (Heath Bedstraw)
347. Hypochaeris radicata (Cat's-ear)
348. Holcus mollis (Creeping Soft-grass)

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