Sunday, 2 April 2017

A relaxing weekend

The pressure was off a little with me hitting the 300 last time so a relaxing weekend was had. I put the moth trap out as usual on Friday night and when I checked on  Saturday  it held 37 moths of 8 species,  including one new moth for the year, The Engrailed

301. Ectropis crepuscularia (Engrailed)

Remember all species are countable, and I remembered that when I noticed the green mould on an old orange and another rust on some Lesser Celandine in the garden. Two more species.

302. Penicillium digitatum    (Orange Mould)
303. Uromyces dactylidis (Celandine Clustercup Rust)

Sunday I got a three new invertebrates out in the sun, the Common Marmalade Fly, my first Early Bumble Bee of the year and some larvae I'm very familiar with in the garden, the grubs of the Viburnum  Beetle on the - you guessed it,  my Viburnum (V. tinus)

304. Episyrphus balteatus (a hoverfly)
305. Bombus pratorum (Early Bumble Bee)
306. Pyrrhalta viburni (Viburnum  Beetle)

Had a few bees in the garden I have already seen this year too, all thanks to that bit of sun, namely Tree, Buff-tailed and Large Red-tailed Bumblebees all which  visited the garden as did a nice female Andrena haemorrhoa.

Siskins have been fairly scarce in the garden this winter but there was one on the feeders yesterday and three there first thing this morning. Mid morning three Common Buzzards drifted over high, heading west. I suspect these were migrating birds and not my local ones.

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