Tuesday, 18 April 2017

It's been a week since my last confession

I have sinned. It's been nearly a week since my last confession (update) of the blog. The reason is I haven't been in the square much. I have being doing bits of birding and botany here and there but not in the square and even when I have been here, its generally just been in the garden.
I did see my first ever Polypodium interjectum (Intermediate Polypody) in the county at Flass Vale in Durham City the other day. It's in the same 10Km square but not in my monad unfortunately,

Polypodium interjectum (Intermediate Polypody)

Whilst in the garden  I did manage to pick up my first House Martins of the year, three of them bombing around the estate but I haven't seen them the last couple of days since it got frosty.  A few 'weeds' in the garden showed themselves for the first time this year too, and I had forgotten to add Lesser Celandine, probably because I still cannot get used to it now being a Ficaria instead of a Ranunculus.
Finally a few moths but the catches have been very poor of late in both numbers and species, and a couple of nothing at all too. And finally a Hedgehog crossing the street outside the other night.

370. Delichon urbicum (Common House Martin)
371. Epilobium obscurum (Short-fruited Willowherb)
372. Ficaria verna (Lesser Celandine)
373. Trifolium dubium (Lesser Trefoil)
374. Cerastium glomeratum (Sticky Mouse-ear)
375. Cerastium fontanum (Common Mouse-ear)
376. Orthosia gracilis (Powdered Quaker)
377. Depressaria radiella (Parsnip Moth)
378. Diurnea fagella (a micro moth)
379. Erinaceus europaeus (Western Hedgehog)

Mosses and Liverworts are much harder, if not impossible (for me), to identify later without their reproductive parts, which are usualy present only during the wetter, winter months.  So I made a really concentrated effort to get some more found and identified before it's too late. Off I went and checked trees, streams, banks, fields and bog around the fell for several hours. I came back with 10 mixed polybags of bits of moss and spent a ridiculous amount of time checking and keying them out. It was probaly worth it with another, unlucky 13 species in (or out) of the (poly)bag. Unlucky because all that effort and I didn't find even one new species I haven't seen the the square before.

The thirteen were

380. Bryum capillare (Capillary Thread-moss)
381. Dicranella heteromalla (Silky Forklet-moss)
382. Fissidens taxifolius (Common Pocket-moss)
383. Hypnum jutlandicum (Heath Plait-moss)
384. Barbula convoluta (Lesser Bird's-Claw)
385. Lunularia cruciata (Crescent-cup Liverwort)
386. Orthotrichum affine (Wood Bristle-moss)
387. Orthotrichum diaphanum (White-tipped Bristle-moss)
388. Polytrichastrum formosum (Bank Haircap)
389. Eurhynchium striatum (Common Striated Feather-moss)
390. Polytrichum piliferum (Bristly Haircap)
391. Sphagnum fallax (Flat-topped Bog-moss)
392. Brachytheciastrum velutinum (Velvet Feather-moss)

I've got a few hours spare tomorrow so I'll see if I can get the 400. I've just rembered something else I got but it's getting late so I'll keep it up my sleeve until next time, one closer to 400.

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