Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Bumbles and Bee-flies

Helping Durham Wildlife Trust with some heather monitoring in mid durham so the six new species listed  were four left over from yesterday and a Snail and a Fly in the garden today.
But also a few photos from yesterday and today too.

Common Carder Bumblebee - Bombus pascuorum

Buff-tailed Bumblebee - Bombus terrestris

My first Bee-fly of the year was in the greenhouse not the open garden, It's a wierd looking fly, all furry with black patterened wings and a great big proboscis. It uses the latter to drink nectar and is totally harmless so don't panic but it may be visiting your garden soon.

Bombylius major (Large Bee Fly)

Bombylius major (Large Bee Fly)

Two lichens - Melanelixia fuliginosa subsp. glabratula (brown) and Lecidella elaeochroma (grey-green with spots)

Ramalina farinacea  - another lichen

From yesterday, the brilliant blue of Myosotis sylvatica, the wood forget-me-not

327. Narcissus poeticus (Pheasant's-eye Daffodil)
328. Cepaea nemoralis (Brown-lipped Snail)
329. Ramalina farinacea  (a lichen)
330. Lecidella elaeochroma (a lichen)
331. Melanelixia fuliginosa subsp. glabratula  (a lichen)
332. Bombylius major (Large Bee Fly)

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